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Why First American?

Because the Trustee’s responsibilities are so broad, one of the most important decisions in creating a trust is choosing a Trustee. First American Bank can offer numerous benefits:

  • Consistency. Unlike an individual who may die, become incompetent or not be available, we are a solid financial institution with a 30-year history of superior customer service.
  • Experience. We have a proven track record and the expertise to administer the Trust, Estate or Guardianship, and manage the investment of the assets.
  • Superior service. We have the professional experience, time, and systems to do the job professionally and efficiently.
  • As Fiduciary, First American treats all beneficiaries impartially

Trust assets are not assets of the Bank and are never commingled with bank assets.




Not FDIC Insured Not Bank Guaranteed May Lose Value
Not Guaranteed by any Government Agency Not a Bank Deposit
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