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Indexed Asset Allocation Model Portfolios

Since the 1970s, indexing has been a popular approach to investing for people who want a market return without taking the risk that active managers may underperform their benchmark indexes. It is a low cost approach which also tends to be very tax efficient.

  • Five Indexed Model Portfolios designed to achieve the same objectives as the Asset Allocation Models.
  • The portfolios use index funds that have an excellent record of tracking their respective benchmarks.
  • Our investment professionals monitor the funds to make sure they are closely tracking their benchmark indexes, and rebalance the portfolios each quarter to bring the asset allocation back in line with the mid point of the range for each asset class.
  • This is a useful tool for investors of all sizes who wish to index all or a portion of their investable funds.




Not FDIC Insured Not Bank Guaranteed May Lose Value
Not Guaranteed by any Government Agency Not a Bank Deposit

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