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If your current mortgage rate is higher than the current market, it may be a good time to look at refinancing your current mortgage.

  • If you purchased your home while rates were higher, perhaps it's time to look at refinancing. If our rate is 1/2% lower than what you're paying now, chances are we can save you money.

There are other reasons to refinance, such as:

  • Lower your monthly payment - Paying the bank less means more cash in hand for you.
  • Own your home sooner - You may be able to keep your payment amount the same and shorten the term of your loan.
  • Refinance an amount larger than your balance. It's a good way to pay for home improvements - and it can be tax deductible*, which is even better!
  • Ask about our no points, no cost option - It makes the way you borrow more flexible.

Document Checklist

Get Started Now! Listed below are the items you'll need in order to apply for your mortgage loan with First American Bank. You may want to begin gathering these documents, but wait until you've spoken to a mortgage lender before sending them in.

For All Applicants
1. A $349 check which covers your application fee.
2. Two years of employment history (copies of all W2 forms, if applicable).
3. Copy of your most recent payroll check stub.
4. Copies of your last two complete Federal Income Tax returns.
5. Three months' worth of copies of all bank statements (checking, savings, money market, etc.)

If You Are Self-Employed
1. Copies of Corporate or Partnership Federal Income Tax returns for the last two years (please include all schedules).
2. Year-to-date profit and loss statement with balance sheet.

If You Are Purchasing
1. Copy of the purchase contract.
2. List of the names and phone numbers of all realtors involved.

If You Are Refinancing
1. Copy of your Owner's Title Insurance Policy.
2. Copy of your most recent mortgage statement.

If You Are Selling Your Current Home
1. Copy of the sales contract, if sold.
2. Copy of the listing agreement.

If You Are Currently Renting
1. Name and address of your landlord.

Glossary of terms

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*consult your tax advisor for tax deductibility

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