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Use your First American Bank Mastercard® debit card with a supported device to make purchases fast and easy.

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With a quick tap of your phone, you can use your Mastercard debit card to pay at over one million U.S. merchant locations that accept mobile payments. You get all of the same benefits your card offers, including added protection of MasterCard Zero Liability.*  When you use one of the trusted solutions below, your payment information is never shared with merchants or stored on your device. 


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Fast mobile payments in-store and in apps with most Android™ devices already available. The easy, secure and private way to pay in-store and in apps. Pay almost anywhere you can swipe or tap your card.
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Just look for the contactless symbol when you want to make in-store purchases. Tap your phone to use your Mastercard to pay at over 1,000,000 participating merchant locations.




What is the Mastercard Automatic Billing Updater?
The Mastercard Automatic Billing Updater (“ABU”) is an automated solution that helps to ensure uninterrupted service for cardholders and uninterrupted payments by updating card-on-file (“COF”) information for recurring payments. This program helps to reduce COF transaction declines due to changed card numbers or expiration dates.
Why is this service being offered to cardholders?
The Mastercard ABU service is required by Mastercard for all consumer and business credit and debit cards.
How does the Automatic Billing Updater service work?
Cardholders may have recurring payments by using a card on file setup with a merchant(s). When changes are made to a cardholder’s card - for example, a debit or credit card number has been changed or an expiration date has been updated - cardholders often do not advise merchants about changed card information. This causes recurring payments to be declined creating late payment situations that inconvenience both merchants and cardholders. The Mastercard ABU service allows the updated information to be automatically provided to participating merchants resulting in fewer declines. The service eliminates the need to contact each merchant with updated card information.
What are some of the benefits of the Mastercard ABU service?
• Reduces declines
• Helps to ensure on-time bill payment
• Provides better cardholder and merchant service
• Prevents late fees and service disruptions
Can cardholders decline this service?
Yes. If you do not want to participate in the ABU service, please contact us by phone at 847-952-3700 or see a banker to opt-out of the ABU service.
Will my card information be automatically updated with all merchants?
No. The Mastercard ABU service is only available at participating merchants. Merchants can choose the frequency at which they check for updated payment information, or may not use it at all. To avoid late payments and penalties, cardholders must check with their merchant, and not rely on this service to ensure that card information has been updated.
Do you have a list of participating merchants?
No. Participation in this service is optional for merchants and cardholders. First American Bank does not have a merchant list.
What kinds of merchants participate in this service?
Merchants that keep cardholder’s card numbers on file for recurring payments may include phone companies, cable services, utilities, music subscriptions, magazine subscriptions, gym memberships, insurance companies, online stores, ride-sharing services and more.
What if my card information is not updated with a merchant?
Automatic payments using the original card information will be declined and merchants may charge a late fee.

*Certain restrictions may apply. Learn more about Zero Liability here.

Apple Pay works with iPhone 6S and Apple Watch™. Visit for a list of other compatible Apple Pay devices.

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