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Social Media

What's In It for You?

Social media presents a remarkable opportunity for you to contact us directly if you have any general questions regarding the bank, its policies or practices. We are here to answer your questions. We are here to listen to what you need out of First American Bank. If you think something is amiss or your experience with us is incomplete, we want to hear about it and fix it for you.

We will also offer content that will benefit your personal financial situation. We will offer tips on how to save money, use mobile and online banking, and bank efficiently. We will also provide First American Bank updates that impact you, including: updates to our online or mobile banking services, unexpected closures of branch locations, reminders of bank holidays, etc.    

First American Bank Social Media Sites

The social media news feed may contain content that did not originate from First American Bank. If you leave our website to enter the social media website below, user posts and other user-generated content may reflect views that are not endorsed or guaranteed by the bank. The bank is not responsible for the perspectives, comments, views, recommendations or advice of any users or businesses who engage and participate in this social community.

Currently, we are on Facebook and Twitter to communicate with you. The official profiles for the respective sites are the following:


Please disregard any other profile claiming to be the official representation of First American Bank on either Facebook or Twitter. 

Social Media Guidelines

We are excited to use social media platforms to create an open, transparent environment for our customers to discuss their banking experience with First American Bank. Please remember, however, First American Bank will never use social media tools or e-mail to ask for Login ID(s), passwords, or PIN(s), Social Security number(s), card or account number(s), or any other personally identifying information.

Remember that social media platforms are a public space. Never disclose any personal, private or confidential information. First American Bank is not responsible for the privacy, security or content of social media platforms and does not endorse any third party links or advertisements on such websites. First American Bank reserves the right to refuse to post, moderate, or remove any content it considers inappropriate for any reason and in its sole discretion.

If you are contacted via a social media channel by any other profile not listed above claiming to represent First American Bank, please send this information to  As stated above, we will never ask for any personal or private information from you in any social media channel.

Other Important Information

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