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Secure Email

We recognize the importance of email communication and the need to send confidential information securely to our customers. That’s why First American offers a Secure Email service. This service is an email program that encrypts the confidential email we send to you.

You will need to register for this new service the first time you receive a secure email from First American Bank, view simple step-by-step enrollment instructions. Once you have registered, you will need to enter your password each time to view the secure emails we send you.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us at (847) 952-3700.

The following section is intended to answer common questions regarding secure email and how it works. Click on a question below to reveal the answer.

What is a Secure Email?
A Secure Email is a type of encrypted email message. To ensure privacy, you should never send sensitive information through standard email where it is susceptible to unauthorized access. Secure Email uses encryption to protect sensitive email messages so that you can send and receive them safely across the Internet. Secure Email delivers email to your inbox in any standard email system. You can use a web browser to open the secure email; no special software is required. Secure emails will be available to access for 90 days. If you wish to keep the attachment after 90 days you will need to save the attachment.
Will all emails from First American come through Secure Email?
No, only the emails that contain confidential information will be sent through Secure Email.
How long will my email messages remain in the Secure Email inbox?
Secure emails will expire in 90 days.
How do I send First American Bank a secure email?
You can open a secure email that was sent to you and hit reply. Or, login with your registered email address and password to
Do I have a size limit when sending a secure email message to First American?
Yes, there is a 25 MB limit.
What if I forget my password or wish to change my First American Bank Secure Email password?
Click on the ‘Forgot Password’ link on the login page for Secure Email. We will send you an email with a link to reset your password. The link will only by active for 30 minutes.
Can I send a Secure Email to recipients outside First American Bank?
No. You can only send a Secure Email using the Bank’s Secure Email system to First American Bank employees.
Can I copy others on my Secure Email to First American Bank?
Secure emails can only be sent to a email address for security reasons.
How do I know if there was a delivery failure on a secure email sent to First American Bank?
If the email address is incorrect or no longer valid, you will receive a delivery failure in your personal email inbox.
How do I get further assistance if I have additional questions?
If you have any additional questions, please contact us at (847) 952-3700 or contact your First American Bank Representative that you are working with.



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