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Working Capital Loans

A Working Capital Line of Credit is a loan that lets you borrow against your accounts receivable and inventory, and helps you improve cash flow by making funds available for your business to use as the occasion arises. With a Working Capital Line of Credit, you have the ready cash and the flexibility to respond when business opportunities develop, without having to negotiate separate, individual loans for each occurrence. And you only pay interest on the funds you need at the moment.

Because of its flexibility, a Working Capital Line of Credit is useful in a variety of situations:

  • Funding changes in receivables - covering expenses when funds are low and collections are still outstanding.
  • Financing seasonal inventory - if your cash flow fluctuates widely from season to season.
  • Reducing costs through vendor discounts - allows you to purchase supplies in larger quantities, thus taking advantage of lower costs and special deals.
  • Meeting any other cash flow needs you have.
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